Empty Sparse Vector

There are cases where something indexed returns an empty sparse value. Can I still store just the dense vector in pinecone? Right now, my entire operation errors, and none of the items that I am bulk upserting to pinecone get added.

Hi @assembly-deepali

Apologies for the late response.

I think I understand what you’re asking, but would you mind sharing what language, the specific function (in the SDK) or API call, and the exact error you’re getting? Having those would help me assist you better.

Looking at the docs (Upsert vectors - Pinecone Docs), id and values (the sparse vector) are mandatory. While sparseValues is optional, if you specific the properties within sparseValues.indices and sparseValues.values, then it’s required to enter both. My intuition says this may be the part you are erroring on – did you enter all the required parameters?