Duplicate vector while inserting

when i insert the embedding i see duplicate content even though i am checking for the duplicate content using LSH.

for split_page in split_pages:

        print('split_page', split_page.text)

        vector_id = shortuuid.uuid()
        embedding = generate_embeddings(split_page.text)

        m = MinHash(num_perm=128)
        for d in embedding:
        if lsh.query(m):
            print(f"Duplicated content detected: {split_page.text}")
            params = [
                    "id": vector_id,
                    "values": embedding,
                    "metadata": {
                        "content": split_page.text,
                        "Tone": ["Formal", "Legal", "General"],
                        "time_stamp": 0,
            index.upsert(params, namespace=user_id)