Does Pinecone support removing one document that was upserted?

I have the need to remove one PDF document only. Is it supported?

I still also have more questions.
How to get the total query in 1 month?
How to get the total upsert in 1 month?
How to get the total PDF document uploaded?
Thank you

I was also asking how to manage the vector besides through the ids. My comprehension of the documentation is that there is no way to easily do operation with an “upsert id”, but only with the ids of the vectors. So if your document is chunk into multiple vectors, you may have lost the control on it.

Maybe an expert can contradict me.

Hi guys,

I have the same usecase in which I have to delete vectors/embeddings for one pdf file only…

when exactly do you receive vector Ids?

I’m creating vectors like this but I never get the vector Id’s back…

const embeddings = new OpenAIEmbeddings({
      modelName: 'text-embedding-ada-002',
      openAIApiKey: Config.OPENAI_API_KEY

    const pinecone = await initPinecone()

    const pineconeIndex = pinecone.Index(Config.PINECONE_INDEX)

    const response = await PineconeStore.fromDocuments(chunkedDocuments, embeddings, {
      textKey: 'text',
      namespace: 'test'

   // response doesn't hold the vector Id's