Deleting records does not reduce storage usage.

I am using Pinecone Serverless.
I have an index with about 340,000 records stored and 2.2 GB of storage.

Since most of the records are no longer needed I have deleted a large number of records and now only 4,500 records are stored. However, the storage usage still remains at 2.2GB.

I waited a few hours to see if there was a delay in reflecting the data to the metrics screen, but the numbers remain the same.

If this continues I will be paying for storage I am not using and I would like to avoid that.

Please give me some advice.

Hi @koichi.yamamoto and welcome to the Pinecone forums!

Thank you for your question.

This is unexpected - we’re looking into the issue on our end and I’ll update you once we have more information.


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Thank you!

If you need any information for your investigation, please send me a request.

@koichi.yamamoto We’ve identified the issue and scheduled work to fix this behavior in the Metrics tab.

In the meantime, we encourage you to use the Usage and Billing tabs in the organization Settings as a workaround.

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