Delete all vectors based on a namespace id from C# / Postman

Hi, i’m still trying to figure out how the delete endpoint works.
I didn’t manage to execute the delete request from the API service provided on the website itself. Throws CORS error.
I was trying to execute the request on postman as well, still no luck.
I want to delete all the vectors based on a namespace id. Is that possible?
How the request should look like?

This is what i have in postman now :
on url : https://indexName/vectors/delete

I’ve tried to put these in queryParams
I’ve tried to remove the Ids key
– No luck

Also are the vectors stored with a createdDate or something?
Is there any way to delete let’s say : all vectors from 2 months ago?

Finally managed to delete all based on a namespace

The method should be DELETE
and the url is https://indexID/vectors/delete?namespace=NameSpaceId&deleteAll=true

No ids query param should be passed :slight_smile:

@tzp would this also work for other methods like fetch?