Chatbot, AI Assist/NLU

How do you use Pinecone to create a chatbot or an ai assistant?



Hey @Cfmaley check out these two tutorials:

  1. How to Build a Customer Service Chatbot with Python, Flask, and Pinecone | HackerNoon
  2. Using Pinecone For Question Answering with Similarity Search | by Cobus Greyling | Medium

Thanks Greg

You might find this interesting.

I’ve created a Q&A database using pinecone and connected it to Alexa and deployed to lambda. My next step is to add custom name entity recognition.

If interested, I could write an article on how I did this.



Yes, super interested!


What are the next steps?

If you publish somewhere like Medium or we’ll be happy to promote it, and also we’d love to link to the public demo/project in our community showcase.

Perfect stay tuned

Have a great weekend


Hi Greg

I’m curious, is there an ambassador opportunity to create content on integrating pinecone into web and mobile applications?