Can someone explain, why hydrid search is not available with a pod with metric 'cosine'? I dont think it is explicitly mentioned in the documentation

We have users set up in a production pod with metric type ‘cosine’ , wanted to shift to hybrid search but am not able to use the same pod. Upon query to pinecone index, the request responds with 404 HTTP listing ‘This index does not have sparse enabled’ or something similar. So only option left is to migrate from one pod to another. Is there a way to do this without changing the pod type?

Hi shuvra.roy,
Sorry for the late reply. Pinecone hybrid search ranks vectors in your index by considering the full dot product over the entire vector; the score of a vector is the sum of the dot product of its dense values with the dense part of the query, together with the dot product of its sparse values with the sparse part of the query. The use of this method requires the use of the ‘dotproduct’ metric type.