Can i delete all Vectors within a specific namespace using the GUI of pinecone?

Hey, i have an index with 2 namespaces. i want to delete all vectors in one of those namespaces. i found the delete function in the gui of the webapp, but it asks for the IDs of the vectors, and i am not really sure what to type in there. is there a way to just delete all vectors in a given namespace?

If it is of any interest: My use case involves occasional updates of the database so old information must be deleted and new information should be uploaded.

thanks for any help!


Currently, the Web GUI does not provide a function to delete all vectors in a specified namespace at once. Therefore, you will need to specify the ID of each vector and delete them individually.

However, it is possible to delete all vectors in a namespace at once using the API. As you might already know, all you need to do is set deleteAll: true in the Delete API. For more details, please check the official documentation at the following link.

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thanks for your answer! How do i know the IDs of the Vectors?

Hi @mm1,

if you want to delete every vector in a single namepsace you do not need to know the IDs. Otherwise you get the IDs in query results. They are created and set at upserting the vectors. As of yet there is no way to get all vectors IDs from an Index. This is why for your case, using the API is the best solution imo.

(documentation: Manage data)

Hope this helps

Thank you very much for your reply! This helps a lot!