Can i change 'api-key' authorization to 'bearer'?

if not, is it possible to disable authorization at all?

Sorry, no. Pinecone doesn’t use HTTP authorization so a bearer token is not supported. Because Pinecone is a database and not a web API it’s unlikely we ever would.

We also can’t allow unauthorized connections. You’ll always have to connect using an API key.

I’m curious about the motivation behind the question, though. Can you share more around the need to change how authorization is handled?

Thank you. Some background: Cohere introduced their ‘grounded chat’ called Coral. You probably saw that. One way of ‘grounding’ is by way of connecting to vector databases. For some reason, the only type they provided is ‘bearer’. Throws an error if I use ‘token’ or ‘api-key’ as a type. Yes, there is an api key to my pinecone index as well. It is the ‘type’ that makes the connection between the two impossible at the moment.

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