Calling the index.upsert function. Does not record a vector

I send and call the index.upsert function many times to transfer the id, vector and metadata. But in pinecone’s personal account, I have only one vector displayed. I waited a few minutes, but the remaining requests were not sent. That is, the first call to the index.upsert function works, but the subsequent ones do not.

for i in doc:
    vertor_pinecone = index.upsert(vectors=[
          {"title_url": source, "text":f"{text}"})])

Hi @7wafer7, is it possible that you are sending the same value for the ID of each record? In other words, is title in your code using the same value on each upsert? If so, each upsert will overwrite the previously upserted record.

On another note, we recommend that you batch your upserts, if you are not doing so already.

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