Building Canopy RAG on AWS with Slack as chat frontend

Pretty new to all this, but trying to build a canopy RAG to use as a knowledge base for my small business. Id like employees to interact through slack. Got it up on AWS and the slack bot up and running (the endpoint verified the challenge request, so I know its connecting), but having trouble getting actual input/output from slack (keep getting “dispatch_failed” errors in slack to my /commands. I setup a REST API through AWS and working on a flask app as middleware, but I cant get the code right…any thoughts? Am I going in the wrong direction, is there a better way to do this? Thanks for the help!

Hi, @isorabins, welcome to the Pinecone forums. Thanks for your question!

Diagnosing what might be going wrong is difficult without seeing your relevant code or the exact errors you’re seeing.

Is your issue related to Pinecone’s service or are your current challenges more related to your Slack integration?

If it’s Slack, you might also have better luck asking Slack for support in debugging your integration.

Hope that helps and looking forward to your response.