Best Way to Query Unique Metadata Values in Pinecone (Serverless)?

I am trying to fetch all the unique metadata values for a particular metadata field.

My issue is querying only returns 10k vectors at a time and I am not sure how to make sure that my next 10k query doesn’t overlap with the previous search results.

# Function to get unique values for a metadata field with pagination
def get_unique_metadata_values(filter_query, metadata_field):
    # Initialize a set to store unique values
    unique_values = set()
    page_size = 1000  # Adjust the page size if needed
    last_id = None

    while True:
        # Query Pinecone with the provided filter and pagination
        query_results = index.query(
            vector=[0] * 1536,
            top_k=page_size,  # Number of results per page
            id_gt=last_id  # Fetch results where the ID is greater than the last fetched ID

        # If there are no more matches, break the loop
        if len(query_results['matches']) == 0:
        # Iterate through the results and collect unique values
        for match in query_results['matches']:
            metadata = match.get('metadata', {})
            value = metadata.get(metadata_field)
            if value is not None and value not in unique_values:
                print("Adding", value)
            # Update the last_id with the current match ID
            last_id = match['id']

    return unique_values

Hi @jonsnguyening, and thanks for your question!

Can I ask what your use case is, or why you want to obtain the unique values for a given metadata field?

You might be better served approaching the problem in a different way - perhaps storing these values in a set during upsert, for example.

But it would help to understand what your end goal is.

We don’t yet natively support pagination, but you could also see the workaround suggested in this thread.