Being a contributor on a public repo

access to GitHub - pinecone-io/pinecone-ts-client to miarao

Hi @omm ,

Thanks for your question - if you’d like to propose a change to this repo, such as opening a pull request, you can create a personal repository fork by clicking the fork button at the top of the GitHub UI on that repository.

Then, clone your fork under your own GitHub organization locally and make your changes. Then, You can commit and push them up on a branch to your forked repository.

After making your changes, you can propose a pull request by creating a new pull request from your fork of the pinecone-ts-client but setting the base branch to the official pinecone-io/pinecone-ts-client’s repository.

Any updates to your branch and fork will automatically be populated across the official Pinecone-io repository.

This way, anyone can make pull requests against the Pinecone pinecone-ts-client repo anytime.

We actually only grant direct write permissions on such repositories to Pinecone clients, but if your pull request is accepted, you’ll get credit in GitHub as a contributor!

Let me know if that’s clear and if that’s helpful!