Automated backup strategies in prod

For prod and data retention, disaster recovery, etc… is there any automated backup feature? Or we’d have to roll our own by calling into the backup indexes → collection api? Back up indexes

What’s the recommended way to handle this for prod?

Hi @personaifydev. You are correct; an external cronjob that creates a collection is recommended for backing up your indexes today. Doing so is generally invisible to your index (there are some edge cases where if you have many write operations in a short period, then collection creation could be impacted, but that’s on the order of thousands of writes per minute).

If you did have an automated feature for creating backups, what would it look like, in your view? How often do you think you’ll need to take backups of your index, and what is your expected restore time requirement?

It’d be nice if this was an option, in case something catastrophic happened and we need to roll back to a certain state. Was just planning for redundancy across our system and saw a gap here.

I’d imagine it’d be like any other cloud database where you set a retention frequency and TTL period. eg: backup everyday @ some time, retain for X days. Restore time, would be depending on the size, but reasonably within the minutes to hour time periods.

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