AUTOGPT and INDEX problem

Hello, i’m trying to use AUTOgpt. I have follow all the instructions but when I run it I got this following error message :

File “C:\AI\AutoGPT\Auto-GPT\scripts\”, line 441, in
File “C:\AI\AutoGPT\Auto-GPT\scripts\”, line 304, in main
File “C:\AI\AutoGPT\Auto-GPT\scripts\”, line 345, in start_interaction_loop
assistant_reply = chat.chat_with_ai(
File “C:\AI\AutoGPT\Auto-GPT\scripts\”, line 126, in chat_with_ai
assistant_reply = create_chat_completion(
File “C:\AI\AutoGPT\Auto-GPT\scripts\”, line 50, in create_chat_completion
raise RuntimeError(“Failed to get response after 5 retries”)
RuntimeError: Failed to get response after 5 retries

When I look in the Index page of Pinecone, I see no one created. Should not be automatically created? Thank’s you

Please see: Inactive-index policy for Auto-GPT indexes