AttributeError: type object 'Pinecone' has no attribute 'from_existing_index'

AttributeError: type object ‘Pinecone’ has no attribute ‘from_existing_index’, how to resolve this error already checked the solution available for Pinecone.from_text still getting same error

Hi @ayushsingh00112233, please share how you import Pinecone and Langchain’s PineconeVectorStore class.

For reference, your imports should be as follows:

from pinecone import Pinecone
from langchain_pinecone import PineconeVectorStore
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Hey ayush. I was facing similar problem, the solution to this is using PineconeVectorStore class instead of Pinecone to get existing Indexes.

zeke has already provided you with the import statements. If you face any errors downloading the packages i recently posted a solution to that , you can check it here.

feel free to ask anything.
hope it helps