Argument of type 'Index<RecordMetadata>' is not assignable to parameter of type 'VectorOperationsApi'

const client = await getPineconeClient()
const pineconeIndex = client.Index(‘pdfreadr’)

console.log(‘inserting vectors into pinecone’);
const namespace = convertToAscii(fileKey)
PineconeUtils.chunkedUpsert(pineconeIndex, vectors, namespace, 10)

getting an error on pineconeIndex: Type ‘Index’ is missing the following properties from type ‘VectorOperationsApi’: _deleteRaw, _delete, delete1Raw, delete1, and 16 more.ts(2345)

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I’m getting the same error! Have you figured it out?

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got the same error. the chunkedUpsert method is deprecated. instead you have to do

    const client = await getPineconeClient();
    const pineconeIndex = client.Index('chatpdf');
    console.log("inserting vectors into pinecone");


“vectors” has to be of type PineconeRecord and not of type Vector

so this could look like this then

return {
            id: hash,
            values: embeddings,
            metadata: {
                text: doc.metadata.text,
                pageNumber: doc.metadata.pageNumber,
        } as PineconeRecord

for details see here