APIConnectionError: Connection error

I’m getting this error “APIConnectionError: Connection error.”,
I have checked API key, everything is correct but still getting this error.

What’s the solution.

Hello @abuBakarBhatti, and welcome to the Pinecone forums! Thank you for your question.

Based on your screenshot, it’s a little difficult to tell what might be going on.

Could you please:

  1. Provide all your relevant code within the body of your forum post
  2. Confirm you have a working connection to the internet - perhaps by making a request with curl to a public website or the Pinecone API itself?
  3. It looks like you’re using Python - which version of the Pinecone library and which versions of any related libraries, such as LangChain, are you using? This information will help us to debug what’s going wrong.

Hope this helps!