Add additional metadata to existing embeddings in pinecone

Say i already have a large number of embeddings in my vector database. These embeddings have say 5 metadata each. If i want to add a sixth metadata to these vectors do i have to recreate these embeddings ($$)?

or is there an easy way to add another metadata to the embeddings in pinecone?

Absolutely, you would just need to gather the ids of each vector to update and hit the update endpoint - specifically with the setMetadata value. It wont touch the vector, just the metadata.

You can only hit this one id at a time so I highly recommend concurrency of the requests and try to keep the batch size around 500. Speaking from experience doing this with VectorAdmin.

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Thank you Tim.
So if i have say more than 1000 vectors to update, i have to do this one by one?


Unfortunately, yes - that’s why i recommend doing multi-threading/concurrency so you arent waiting per-request

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