A valid URL was not provided


When I add an embedding, I get an error message: “A valid URL was not provided (pinecone).”

What does it mean? How to solve it, please?



Welcome to the Pinecone forum @eubasej

Can you share the code snippet where you’re hitting this issue?

Hello Patrick,

I do not know where the code snippet is. ;-(

Here’s the admin. Can you take a look at it, please?


Thank you.


Please remember that this is a public forum. Password, username and API Keys should never be posted here. I have edited your post and deleted the password. I strongly recommend recycling that password.

Unfortunately, we cannot log in to other systems. I’m unaware of what pinecone.htea.eu is. Pinecone does not own that site.

Can you share a screenshot of the error message? Have you tried contacting htea.eu for further help?

Hi Patrick,

pinecone.htea.eu is just a subdomain website I created to test Pinecone.

Thank you for your support.