429 Error while calling /vectors/list api endpoint

I recently started using Pinecone Serverless and encountered an issue with deleting vectors. I’ve noticed that I’m consistently hitting a rate limit with a 429 error, even when I’m making only around 20 asynchronous API calls. I suspect that the rate limit number is set too low for my use case.

Is there a way to optimize the deletion process to reduce the number of API calls? Specifically, can I provide multiple prefixes in a single request that would return all the associated IDs, helping me avoid hitting the rate limit excessively?

Here’s the example CURL request I’m currently using:

curl -X GET “https://$INDEX_HOST/vectors/list?namespace=ns1&prefix=doc1#”

curl -X GET “https://$INDEX_HOST/vectors/delete?ids=doc1#chunk1&ids=doc1#chunk2&ids=doc1#chunk3&ids=doc1#chunk4&namespace=example-namespace”