Will my us-west4-gcp-free be migrated to the new gcp-starter?

Hey, yesterday the new Starterplans were anounced. I Noticed that the new gcp-starter doesnt support Namespaces. As i rely on Namespaces i am worried to lose this feature. Do old us-west4-gcp-free environments get automatically migrated to the new one, or can i with an existing old environment keep using it and also use the features it had?
Also will the paid plan keep support namespaces? I’m asking because if this feature is beeing deprecated entirely i will have to decide if i rebuild my project architecture to get along with the features pinecone then provides or chose another provider like chromadb or supabase.

Thanks for reaching out!

Existing indexes free tier indexes are not impacted and will not be migrated. We have no plan to deprecate namespaces for paid indexes.

Users in gcp-starter users who have a multi-tenancy use case should utilize metadata filtering to partition their data.

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Thank you very much for your reply!