Retrieving Document Names After Upserting in Pinecone

Hi Pinecone Community,
I’ve recently integrated Pinecone into my project and upserted over 20,000 documents into the pinecone account. However, I’m currently facing a challenge in retrieving the “document_name” of these upserted documents.

Could someone please provide guidance on the correct procedure or share code snippets for retrieving the “document_name” of documents after they’ve been upserted into Pinecone? Any insights, examples, or best practices would be incredibly helpful.

As an illustration, below is an example of the JSON format I’ve used for upserting:
“id”: 12345,
“date_created”: “2023-11-23T05:30:00Z”,
“document_name”: “PSCSES_1120”,
“content”: “Hello Pinecone Community”
Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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