Renaming a namespace

I uploaded ~25k vectors with a default namespace to my index. Now I want to upload another ~5k vectors in a new namespace “templates” and rename the default namespace to “modules”. I know namespaces can’t be modified, but can I reassign the namespace of the original 25k vectors?

No, you’d have to add the vectors to the new namespace again. Queries can’t operate across more than one namespace, so running an update operation on existing vectors wouldn’t allow for a new namespace. Instead, the namespace attribute in the API call restricts which namespace to run in. If you ran an update on an existing vector by its ID and gave a different namespace name, it would just not do anything (since that vector doesn’t exist in the new namespace).

OK that makes sense. But when you say queries only operate on one namespace, does that include the default? Because right now I query and specify namespace=“” and I get results from other namespaces too.

Can you at least delete certain namespaces? I haven’t worked out how to do that yet.

Yes, you can do that by:
index.delete(delete_all=True, namespace='namespace')