Pinecone describe index is broken in JS client

First off, the documentation is wrong/outdated. The documentation says to describe an index I can use
await pinecone.describeIndex(indexName);

After TS Errors it turned out to actually be
const data = await client.describeIndex({ indexName})

Once I got it working the response is always status undefined no matter what.
I created an index and confirmed it was ready on the Web UI. I run the describe index command and I receive this reponse

   database: {
   name: 'indexName',
   dimensions: undefined,
   indexType: undefined,
   metric: 'cosine',
   pods: 1,
   replicas: 1,
   shards: 1,
   podType: 'p1.x1',
   indexConfig: undefined,
   status: undefined

I mainly want the status to be working so I can check when an index is ready to be written programmatically.

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I have the same issue and in my opinion is an important feature to be able to check programmatically the creation of an index

I get the same behaviour. I want to create an index and insert vectors to it through the api. Therefore I am waiting for the index initialization to be completed, so i listen on the status to be “ready”. The status is not changing from undefined…

I have to correct myself. I used an older version of the pinecone npm package. With 0.0.14 it will update the status to indicate that its ready