I get a Max retries exceeded with url: (Caused by SSLError(SSLEOFError(8, 'EOF occurred in violation of protocol (_ssl.c:2427)'))) when trying to inject data in pinecone DB

I found the source of the issue and resolved it.
The following code line was the source of the error:

index_name = "llamaindex-documentation-helper"

The name of the index did not perfectly match the name of the index on my Picone account… Typos are monsters.

My code lines below provide a way to check if the index name exists and wipes/resets the Pinecone database

index_name = "llamaindex-oc-helper"
# Checks if the picone DB exists
if index_name not in pinecone.list_indexes():
    print("\n\033[96m The index name is not in the list of indexes associated with the provided Pinecone account.\n")
    # Hard exit
# Init. Pinecone Index object
pinecone_index = pinecone.Index(index_name=index_name)
# Warning! Wipes the pinecone DB