Hybrid Search in C#: Ingesting Metadata with Keywords

I am coding in C# using open-source library (GitHub - neon-sunset/Pinecone.NET: Pinecone.NET is a fully-fledged C# library for the Pinecone vector database. It aims to provide identical functionality to the official Python and Rust libraries.).
Currently, I am struggling with the syntax of including a list of keywords in Metadata, either as a List or as string.
The only thing I could come up with is this:

string csv = "";
                       for (int j = 0; j < segList[i].NamedEntityList.Count; j++)
                           csv += segList[i].NamedEntityList[j] + ",";

                       vec.Metadata.Add("NamedEntityList", csv); // just CSV string

However, it is not the same as array of strings, and I am not sure how to build filter for this later, if possible at all.
Any C# coders here, any idea?
The problem is that MetadataValue unable to accept List or String/