How to query specific score using Pinecone?

This is a Pinecone vector database query. Is there any way to make it return a score above 0.7 only?

query_questions = [
    "navigation button",

query_vectors = [model.encode(str(question)).tolist() for question in query_questions]

# find me similar results on the “navigation button” and return me the top 5 most similar results (top_k = 5).
query_results = index.query(queries=query_vectors, top_k=5, include_values=False)

# If you stated include_values=True above, you will have also the results values.
# Now as you see, we have the top 5 matches from strongest to weakest.


{'results': [{'matches': [{'id': '1001', 'score': 0.813644469, 'values': []},
                          {'id': '1003', 'score': 0.357704908, 'values': []},
                          {'id': '1004', 'score': 0.314247638, 'values': []},
                          {'id': '1002', 'score': 0.298523784, 'values': []},
                          {'id': '1005', 'score': 0.278602391, 'values': []}],
              'namespace': ''}]}

I need it to return matches only if score is above 0.7

I came here to ask the same question, did you ever find a way to do this @ahmad_sh ?

For reference, this is something that RediSearch supports for Vector Similarity Search; they allow you to specify a “radius” and will return results within that range: Query | Redis