Get your embeddings-powered app off localhost in minutes

Embedbase is a free and open-source API to easily create, store, and retrieve embeddings.

We sit on top databases like pinecone (and pg vector also) and focus on making it easy to ship embeddings-powered apps.

To get started quickly, you can use Embedbase Cloud or you can run embedbase locally

Feel free to reach out for any kind of questions or help.

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:rocket: a peek into the future

Based on a lot of feedback, we have started integrating the gpt interface directly into our application and this is just the first step to help you ship ChatGPT-powered apps faster. Try the new GPT-4 dashboard here.

:jigsaw: towards modularity

We’ve seen how difficult it is for people to get started with local Embedbase using Supabase, so we decided to implement Postgres, so you can start iterating right away.

:candy: other small goodies

Embedbase JS SDK now supports metadata & listing datasets. Imagine throwing unstructured data into embedbase and get all links and everything when searching ala

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