Creating siloed sections within Pinecone for each user

Hello, I would like to have my pinecone vector db setup such that I can have different siloed sections for each unique user in the db. I would like it such that I could make it so that only that specific user would be able to use their specific section of the vector db. Any help on this?

For example, imagine there was a chatbot where multiple users are uploading documents into it. I would only want each specific user to be able to access their own documents and not any documents of other users.

Hi @matthewtracy2022, welcome to our forums!

This is a perfect use case for namespaces. Each namespace is logically distinct from each other, and queries can only run in a single namespace.


Thank you @Cory_Pinecone ! I have found the namespaces documentation you have provided. I am having trouble configuring it with the llamaindex for my RAG. Any advice here? Thanks again

For example, I want the llamaindex query engine to only query within the namespace of that authenicated user so therefore they can only query their documents


I think LLama index allows you to specify the namespace when you’re constructing the PineconeVectorStore (ref: docs and source code)

    vector_store = PineconeVectorStore(
        namespace=namespace,  # <<< here

Hope this helps

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