API Key Rejected (Flowise)

I am usign Flowise to Upsert data into Pinecone with my API Key. But I keep getting this error:

“Error: vectorsService.upsertVector - Error: PineconeAuthorizationError: The API key you provided was rejected while calling https://api.pinecone.io/indexes/hackathon. Please check your configuration values and try again. You can find the configuration values for your project in the Pinecone developer console at https://app.pinecone.io

I tried creating a new API Key, and a new index, and even used a friend’s account but this error keeps recurring.

Hi @walkman2091, and welcome to the Pinecone community forums!

Thank you for your question.

As a sanity check, if you create a new project, new API key, and new Index, can you correctly upsert or query your Pinecone index from Flowise?

If you can do so successfully, this would point to the issue likely being a mismatch between your supplied Pinecone API key and the project/index you’re trying to access with it - you might be trying to interact with an index that your current API key does not have access to.

API keys will only allow you to access indexes within the Pinecone project where they were created.

If you can’t access a new index and project with a new API key when using Flowise, that would point to a potential misconfiguration or bug within Flowise itself.

I hope that helps!